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Aaron Miklaszewicz Oconto WI | What happened to Aaron Miklaszewicz Oconto?

Aaron Miklaszewicz was from Abbotsford, Wisconsin but lived in Oconto, Wisconsin. Aaron Miklaszewicz Oconto WI was a former combat engineer in the U.S. Army. Aaron worked as a sales manager at Fleet Farm and was also a fishing content creator on YouTube with the channel @Aaron_Mik_Fishing, focused on fishing on Green Bay.

Aaron Miklaszewicz Oconto WI
Source: Facebook

What happened to Aaron Miklaszewicz Oconto WI?

Tragically, on March 19th, 2024, Aaron suffered a medical emergency while driving to work and passed away despite efforts by bystanders and first responders to resuscitate him. He was married to Rachel Miklaszewicz.

His wife Rachel paid tribute to him in a heartbroken Facebook post, saying she had lost her partner and other half. His funeral services were set to take place in Oconto, Wisconsin.

The company KADE Outdoors llc, which Aaron had worked with on fishing rod projects, also posted condolences, saying Aaron's passion for fishing pushed them to do better and that the fishing industry would mourn his passing for years to come.

Aaron's sudden death at a young age was devastating to his wife, family, friends and the fishing community he was a part of.


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