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Adam buschlen Kitchener ON | Who was Adam buschlen "Kitchener"

Adam buschlen Kitchener ON, also known as "Paddy" and "Adam Bee", was a beloved father, husband, family man, musician, and friend to many in Kitchener, Ontario. He played bass guitar and was a talented hockey and golf player.

Adam buschlen Kitchener ON

Adam buschlen Kitchener ON

Adam's friend Jesse Webber paid tribute to him on Facebook, remembering his laugh, friendship, and expressing grief over his passing. Jesse said Adam was never mean, and was incredibly supportive, generous and humble.

Another friend, Ian Graham, also posted a heartfelt tribute. Ian had known Adam for years and owned a custom bass guitar previously owned and played by Adam. Ian said he will continue to play this bass as a tribute to his talented musical friend.

Both friends emphasized what a kind, caring person Adam was, and how sorely he will be missed by all those that knew him. Their tributes show Adam clearly made a positive impact on many lives before he tragically passed away.

We lost a wonderful man named Adam Buschlen on Saturday. Adam was one-of-a-kind - he had a lively personality that made everyone who knew him love him. He played bass and sang in bands. I was lucky to play music with him over the years. He was very creative and adventurous when he played bass. He was a great father and husband who decided to challenge himself by studying classical music and upright bass at university, even with his busy life.

Adam loved to laugh and chat over a beer. He admired local bass players like Steve Hogg and Paul Intson. Incredibly, years before university he earned a black belt in karate. So he was extremely fit and strong, even as he privately battled cancer. I never worried about Adam because he seemed so sturdy and full of life. Losing Adam was a huge shock because his warm spirit lit up the world. He made life better for everyone around him, just by being himself. We’ll miss you so much Adam. May you rest in peace.

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