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Adin ross sprinter van | Adin ross car accident

Adin ross sprinter, a famous streamer, was about to go live with Playboi Carti, a well-known rapper. But just before the stream started, so many fans tried to log in that the website crashed. People were really excited to watch Adin and Playboi Carti together. It was a big deal because Adin is one of the most popular streamers on, with almost a million followers. He's been with the platform since 2023, and now he's teaming up with a big name in the music world. The news spread fast on social media, with everyone buzzing about it.

Adin ross car accident

Adin ross car accident

Adin Ross was in a sprinter van that flipped over. Sadly, his friend "Cheesur" died instantly. It's heartbreaking news. Cheesur was a beloved streamer known for his laughter and positive vibes. The gaming community is mourning his loss deeply. Rest in peace, Cheesur. #RIPCheesur

Also, Nermin MiMi Dzaferovic passed away in a similar accident. The van flipped over, crushing him. It's a tragic loss, and his memorial will be held at 10 am on Lenox Road.

Adin Ross is streaming with Playboi Carti later today, February 4, or February 5 for those in Eastern Time. Adin often jokes around, but it's likely he'll actually have the rapper on his stream, especially since he's worked with other rappers before. Right now, Adin's stream is live on his Kick channel, and lots of people are tuning in. Last time, Adin streamed with rapper 21 Savage, but things got messy when people accused the rapper of cheating during a card game they played.

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