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Albie capece Glastonbury Ct | Who was Albie capece Glastonbury?

Albie Capece was a woman from Glastonbury, Connecticut. She previously lived in Derby, Connecticut before moving to Glastonbury.

On Facebook, Albie's friend Eddie received condolences from Ivan Bermudez regarding her passing. Ivan expressed that while he never met Albie personally, he knew she and Eddie were very close like family. Ivan offered his prayers and support to Eddie and all others impacted by the loss of Albie. He let Eddie know he is available if Eddie needs anything during this difficult time.

The posts indicate Albie had close relationships with friends like Eddie in the Connecticut area. Her untimely death is a tragic loss being mourned by those who knew and cared for her. The community is offering comfort and assistance to one another as they grieve Albie's passing.

Unfortunately there is no other information provided about Albie Capece's life or the circumstances around her death. The focus is on supporting her grieving loved ones at this sad time.

Albie capece Glastonbury Ct

Albie capece Glastonbury Ct

Albie's close friend Edward Taylor shared an emotional tribute on Facebook. He expressed feeling completely devastated over the loss, after a lifetime of friendship that was like family. Edward said he had just heard from Albie about visiting this month and can't believe she is gone. He promised to watch over her husband Jimmy Capece and kids as they grieve. Edward said Albie will be greatly missed but he knows she will be a beautiful angel in heaven.

Another friend, Jack Mcnair, also posted saying he was in disbelief over the sudden tragic news. He and Albie had just recently chatted. Jack said Albie was a unique and lovely person that can never be replaced.

Bruce Collins asked for prayers for Jimmy Capece and the family during this very hard time. He said Albie brought tremendous joy and will be remembered. Bruce hoped she would rest in peace knowing how much love she gave the world.

The posts show Albie clearly touched many lives deeply. Her shocked friends express profound grief but also appreciation for her vibrant spirit that endures. There is great effort to comfort those closest to Albie like her grieving husband as they mourn her passing.

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