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Amy lopez whiskey girl | Who was Amy ross lopez whiskey girl

McKenna Breinholt is a 25-year-old singer. When she was a baby, she was adopted.

Four years ago, McKenna learned who her birth mom was. Her name was Amy lopez whiskey girl. Amy was a singer in a folk music duo called Nowhere Man and A Whiskey Girl.

Amy lopez whiskey girl

Amy lopez whiskey girl

Sadly, Amy died in 2013 from lupus problems. But last summer, McKenna connected with family members from her birth family over FaceTime.

They planned to meet in person for the first time just three weeks after McKenna's audition for American Idol.

What McKenna didn't know was that some of her birth relatives were waiting to surprise her on the other side of the door at her audition.

When McKenna opened the door and saw them, everyone was overwhelmed with emotion. Judge Katy Perry even cried.

Later, McKenna told a newspaper it was pure happiness. She said it felt like she had known her birth family forever.

McKenna Breinholt was adopted at birth. It was a closed adoption, so she could not get information about her biological family until age 21.

At 21, McKenna learned her birth mom was Amy Lopez. Amy was a singer in Arizona. She died in 2013 from lupus problems.

McKenna later connected with some biological relatives on FaceTime. This included her grandmother. They planned to meet in person for the first time a few weeks after her American Idol audition.

What McKenna did not know was that her adoptive parents brought some of those relatives to surprise her at the audition. When McKenna saw them, she broke down in happy tears.

McKenna treasures having the emotional reunion on video. She said she and her adoptive mom cried while watching it many times.

The beautiful footage captures the moment McKenna first met her birth family. She is grateful to have this special memory filmed to cherish forever.


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