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Austin Strange Orangeville ON | Who was Austin Strange Orangeville

Austin Strange "Orangeville ON" is a singer-songwriter from Orangeville, Ontario. He has been interested in music since he was a child, taking lessons and performing in local theater productions. In college, he studied film scoring while also developing his skills as a pop artist.

Austin Strange Orangeville ON

Austin Strange Orangeville ON

Strange's music style combines alternative and pop influences. He is inspired by bands like Bon Iver, Queen, and Kesha, admiring their lyrics and musicianship. Toronto's vibrant music scene has also impacted his evolving sound.

Strange struggles with anxiety and depression at times. He says making music, especially breakup songs, has been a positive outlet to channel intense emotions. His parents have always supported his artistic ambitions. Putting personal experiences into his songs has been a freeing, empowering process for Strange.

As a songwriter, Strange says collaborating with producer Vivid and guitarist Jordan Santelli inspires him to evolve as an artist. As an independent artist, getting recognition is a universal struggle with so many options for fans. But this doesn't discourage Strange from releasing new music often. He says the hard work is worthwhile.

Strange released his debut album in October 2019 and has three music videos on YouTube. He's already working on new projects, building on the momentum from his album. A veteran of the Ontario concert scene, his goal is to expand his reach across Canada and into the United States. With high hopes for 2020, he is determined to gain more listeners.

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