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Berkley homer caringbridge | Who is Berkley homer?

On January 25th, Berkley homer "caringbridge" suffered a snowboarding accident in Big Bear, CA which fractured his tailbone. After inadequate treatment in CA, he flew to Scottsdale on February 3rd for additional care. By then he had severe swelling and pain in his buttocks/hips and became bedridden.

Berkley homer caringbridge

Berkley homer caringbridge

On February 7th he was transported to HonorHealth Osborn trauma center after developing an internal bleed from the fracture. On day 2 there, he got severe leg swelling and concerning mental status changes. Tests revealed he had gas bubbles in his legs, indicating the life-threatening infection necrotizing fasciitis.

So far Berkley has undergone three surgeries over three days to remove infected/dead tissue. He remains in an induced coma on a ventilator in critical "day-to-day" condition as doctors continue daily surgeries to eliminate the bacteria.

Family and friends have rallied around Berkley with love, support and prayers during this difficult time. His mother Bettyjean says "if anyone can get through this it will be Berkley" given his strength and the outpouring of support. Continued hopes and prayers remain with him as he fights this infection.

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