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Meet Brian Orozco: A Resident of Sussex, Wisconsin

Updated: Mar 13

Brian Orozco from Sussex, Wisconsin has passed away. People are paying tributes and expressing condolences after his death.

Shane O'Connor considered Brian orozco Sussex WI like a brother to him, along with Brian's actual brother Greg Orozco. Shane is devastated to lose Brian, who was a very close friend. They did everything together - weekends, trips, talking about sports late into the night. Shane wishes he could have more times like that with Brian.

Brian orozco Sussex WI

Who is Brian orozco Sussex WI?

Brian Orozco was from Sussex, Wisconsin.He recently passed away, causing great sadness among his family and friends. Shane O'Connor considered Brian like a brother to him, despite not being biologically related.William Arthur lost a genuine, kind-hearted friend in Brian Orozco. Dan Janssen said Brian's passing doesn't make sense, it's an unfortunate twist in life. He sends prayers to Brian's family and friends.

Missie Ausprung offered condolences to Shane, Greg Orozco and their whole family. She says Shane has experienced a lot of loss recently and asks him to stay strong, especially for Greg during this difficult time.

Brian Orozco was clearly a beloved friend, like a brother to many. His unexpected death has deeply saddened his Sussex community of family and friends.


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