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Celena morrison wikipedia | Who is Celena morrison philadelphia mayor?

Updated: Mar 8

Celena Morrison 'wikipedia' is an important person who fights for LGBTQ rights. She is the leader of the LGBTQ Affairs Office for the City of Philadelphia. In 2020, she became the first transgender person to have this job in Philadelphia.

Before this job, Morrison worked for many years to support LGBTQ people, especially transgender people and people of color. She was part of different groups that promote equality.

Celena morrison wikipedia

Celena morrison wikipedia

As the director of the LGBTQ Affairs Office, Morrison helps the LGBTQ community and works on their needs and concerns.

In August 2023, Morrison and her husband Darius McLean were arrested by state police during a traffic stop. Morrison took a video that showed the police officer acting aggressive towards them. This arrest caused worries about discrimination.

The mayor of Philadelphia said the video was very concerning. There will be an investigation into what happened during the arrest. As of August 2023, no charges have been filed against Morrison or her husband. The state police are also investigating.

Morrison is an important leader as the first openly transgender person to lead a city office in Philadelphia. People celebrated her getting this job. She continues to speak up for the rights of LGBTQ people, especially transgender individuals and minorities.


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