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Christopher massicotte accident | Who was Christopher massicotte and wife roxanne morin accident

Christopher Massicotte was 35 years old and lived in Saint-Lin, Quebec with his wife Roxanne Morin. He worked at Brago Construction.

On Sunday evening, Christopher and 34-year-old Roxanne were riding a snowmobile when they collided with a car in the Lanaudière region. Both Christopher massicotte "accident" and Roxanne sadly died from the accident.

Christopher massicotte accident

Christopher massicotte accident

The crash happened around 6:30pm at the intersection of Route 125 and Turcotte Street in Saint-Esprit. The snowmobile was crossing the road at a legal spot when the car hit it.

Christopher and Roxanne were taken to the hospital in critical condition and passed away later. The driver of the car was not hurt physically. As a precaution he was also brought to the hospital.

The couple who died, Christopher Massicotte, 35, and Roxanne Morin, 34, were riding the same snowmobile on Sunday night. They were with two other snowmobiles riding in a line. The first two made it safely across Route 125, but the third did not.

Coroner Alain Manseau is investigating the deadly collision. He said it appears the snowmobile slid on ice as it tried to cross the road and was hit by the car.

The crash happened around 6:30pm in Saint-Esprit. Christopher and Roxanne were from Saint-Lin-Laurentides and left behind at least one young child.

Police say there's no signs the driver braked. The coroner said the driver may have been blinded by the conditions. They can't tell how fast the 1998 car was going.

First reports say the snowmobile had trouble crossing because the trail was icy. The area will be checked to see if the trail's signs were adequate.

Both vehicles will be assessed by experts. For now, police believe this was a tragic accident, not a criminal act by the driver. The community mourns the deaths of the two parents and loss for their orphaned child.

Police do not think the driver did anything criminal to cause the tragic accident.

Part of Route 125 was closed until early Monday to allow investigators to reconstruct the scene. The community is in mourning over the loss of Christopher Massicotte and Roxanne Morin.

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