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Explore Clark adkins Charleston WV | Who is Clark adkins MD?

Updated: Mar 13

Dr. Clark David Adkins was a well-respected orthopedic surgeon from Charleston, West Virginia. Clark adkins Charleston WV had 35 years of experience and specialized in adult reconstructive orthopedic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and hand surgery. Dr. Adkins worked at Saint Francis Hospital.

Clark adkins Charleston WV

What happened to Clark adkins Charleston WV?

Sadly, Dr. Adkins recently passed away. The WV Health Right Free Clinic, where he volunteered, paid tribute to him. The clinic's CEO, Dr. Angie Settle, expressed deep grief over losing their beloved board member and faithful volunteer. She said no one embodied volunteerism and selflessness like Dr. Adkins. He was always smiling, willing to help, and contributed greatly to the clinic's mission. Dr. Settle said he had a pure heart for their work and patients.

WVU Medicine Thomas Hospitals also mourned the loss of Dr. Adkins, their Executive Director of Orthopedic Surgery. They called him a brilliant, devoted physician who cared for many over 30 years. He played an integral role and left an indelible mark on orthopedic surgery. Thomas Hospitals said Dr. Adkins was an extraordinary leader who led by example with his calm, enthusiastic demeanor.

People commented saying Dr. Adkins treated their loved ones with great respect, kindness, and care. They said he was a true man of God and will be greatly missed. His family was in their prayers during this difficult time.


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