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Code 8 part 2 filming locations | Where was code 8 part 2 filmed?

The recent sci-fi film Code 8 part 2 filming locations was shot in Ontario, Canada. This is the same location used for filming the first Code 8 movie back in 2016. Both movies were passion projects spearheaded by actor cousins Robbie and Stephen Amell, who are originally from Toronto.

In interviews, the stars explained how meaningful it was to shoot the sequel in their hometown. Robbie Amell shared that they filmed one day just down the street from where Stephen grew up. Being back in familiar childhood spots made the experience more personal and special for the duo.

Code 8 part 2 filming locations

Code 8 part 2 filming locations

Viewers may notice aerial establishing shots of Ontario locations throughout the Code 8 films. Shooting on location ties back to the cousins' personal connection to the area and deep involvement in the franchise.

Of course, this is not the Amells' first team-up project. Both played superheroes at different times on the hit show Arrow. Staying in Canada to film Code 8: Part II allowed them to recapture the camaraderie and magic that comes from working on passion projects with close family.

Where was code 8 part 2 filmed?

Interestingly, the original Code 8 film was crowdfunded through an Indiegogo campaign. It ended up raising over $2.4 million USD, far surpassing the initial goal. Over 28,000 backers contributed through perks like getting Blu-rays, merch, or even roles as extras. This grassroots funding reflected fans' eager support of the cousins' creative vision.

Code 8: Part II was later picked up by Netflix as a sequel film. The creators designed Part II so new viewers could start with the second movie then go back to the original. However, they still recommend seeing the first film beforehand to fully understand characters and events leading up to the sequel.

Overall, both Code 8 movies represent remarkably successful passion projects for the Amell cousins. Their personal connection shows through in the filming location and story details. The indie roots of the franchise make its growth into a Netflix feature even more impressive.


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