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Collin courtwright oakville | What happened to collin courtwright

On Monday February 5th, 2024, a shooting happened at an apartment complex in Oakville, Missouri. Three men were shot at the building on Chalet Hill Drive.

One adult victim died at the scene. The other two victims were taken to the hospital. Tragically, one of them passed away on the way to the hospital. That victim was a 15-year-old boy named Collin courtwright oakville. The third victim survived his injuries.

Collin courtwright oakville


Collin courtwright oakville

Collin's sister, Clarissa Starns, identified him to the news station KSDK. She also started a GoFundMe fundraiser to collect donations for Collin's funeral costs. As of now, the $5,000 fundraiser launched on Tuesday has yet to receive any money.


The Oakville community is mourning the loss of two lives in this tragic shooting. 15-year-old Collin Courtwright had his whole life ahead of him before it was senselessly cut short by gun violence. His loved ones hope the community can help give Collin a proper memorial service.


Police Captain James Schneider shared details on the Oakville, Missouri shooting. It happened in the back parking lot of the Black Forest Apartments on Monday.

Police said the shooting does not seem random. A car drove by the lot and fired shots at people before speeding off. Police are still trying to find out why it happened and find the suspects.

Capt. Schneider said two groups of people and two cars were involved. Police are looking for the car that fled after the shooting but don't have a definite description of it yet.

The sister of 15-year-old victim Collin Courtwright said he was visiting a friend at the apartments when it happened. She thinks her brother was in the "wrong place at the wrong time."

She said Collin had a great spirit and was working hard to improve his life when he was killed. In her words: "Too many young lives are lost over nonsense, over stupid stuff that can be solved in other ways."

The community mourns the tragic loss of Collin and hopes police can find those responsible and determine the motive behind the deadly shooting that took his life. More details are still emerging about that fatal event.

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