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Connie sinclair wikipedia | Connie sinclair cbc

Connie Sinclair "wikipedia" was a news anchor on CBC Radio in Toronto. She died recently at the age of 77.

Sinclair had a long career in broadcasting. She started in radio before leaving to focus on raising her family. She later became interested in early childhood education.

Connie sinclair wikipedia

Eventually Sinclair returned to news as an anchor at NewsTalk 1010. Then she joined CBC Radio in Toronto as an afternoon news reader.

Outside of work, Sinclair loved the outdoors. She enjoyed camping, skiing, and spending time at her family's cottage in Algonquin Park. Her partner Mark Wigmore said she was very happy and peaceful there.

Sinclair was also known for rescuing many homeless cats and dogs over the years. She loved animals and often had 4 or 5 pets living with her at once.

Earlier this year, at age 73, Sinclair's cancer returned after 8 years. She received treatment but sadly passed away on Friday.

She is survived by her husband, two children, three grandchildren, and two sisters. Her family and colleagues are deeply saddened by the loss.


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