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Constance marten wikipedia | Why was constance marten on the run?

Constance marten "wikipedia" and Mark Gordon went missing in the UK in January 2023. Their car was found abandoned and burned with their newborn baby. The couple was finally arrested on February 27th, but their baby was still missing.

Over 200 police searched for the baby. Tragically, the remains were found in a bag on an allotment near where Marten and Gordon were arrested.

Constance marten wikipedia

Constance marten wikipedia

Constance Marten, now 36, grew up in a wealthy British family, attending private school. She later became estranged from them after beginning a relationship with Mark Gordon, now 49.

Gordon moved from the UK to Florida as a child. In 1989 at age 14, he was convicted of violently attacking a neighbor. He served 20 years in prison before being deported back to the UK in 2010, still claiming he was innocent.

The couple's missing baby prompted a massive search. But authorities were sadly too late to find the infant alive after locating Marten and Gordon. The community mourns a precious life lost so early.

Constance Marten and Mark Gordon were arrested last year in Brighton, UK. Dramatic video of their arrest was shown at their trial. They are accused of the death of their newborn baby girl, Victoria.

In the video, police ask them repeatedly "Where is your child?". But the couple do not reveal where the baby is.

Police had been searching for Marten, 36, and Gordon, 49, who were secretly living in tents with their baby. On February 27th, police tracked and arrested them after a tip from the public.

In the video, officers try to handcuff Gordon while he tries to eat food he just bought. Marten begs the police to leave him alone, saying he is starving and unwell. An officer tells her Gordon needs to comply so they can help him.

When asked about the baby, Marten gives a false name. An officer shows her photo to confirm her identity as Constance Marten. But they still do not say where the baby is.

At one point, Marten calls Gordon "Daddy Bear" and says she loves him. But the couple does not tell officers about their child's location. Their baby was later found deceased, leading to their manslaughter charges.


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