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Dakota fred hurt wikipedia | Fred hurt from gold rush

Dakota fred hurt "wikipedia", a gold miner who found fame on the Discovery Channel show 'Gold Rush,' has died at age 80. Hurt's family shared the sad news in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Hurt was a self-taught gold miner who earned his nickname from his North Dakota roots. He was known for his outspoken nature and adventurous spirit on 'Gold Rush.' Over his long career, Fred mined over $750,000 in gold from Alaska's Porcupine Creek.

He first appeared on the early seasons of 'Gold Rush' before starring on several spinoff shows. Most recently, he and his son Dustin searched for gold on 'Gold Rush: White Water,' braving harsh conditions in remote Alaska. Their team was called "The Dakota Boys."

Dakota fred hurt wikipedia

Dakota fred hurt wikipedia

Just months ago, Fred revealed he had been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. But he said, "If I emerge from this dark diagnosis, I'll have another adventure to share." Sadly, Fred passed away from cancer at age 80, surrounded by loved ones.

The 'Gold Rush' team honored Fred's "joy for life and adventure" in a statement online. They offered condolences to his family and many fans. As a tribute, his family suggests donations to the Mike Rowe Foundation, which supports skilled trades workers - something Fred was passionate about.

Gold Rush: White Water is a reality TV show on the Discovery Channel. It follows gold miners "Dakota" Fred Hurt and his son Dustin as they search for gold in the harsh wilderness of Alaska.

The show is a spin-off of Gold Rush. On Gold Rush: White Water, the Hurts dive into raging whitewater creeks in Alaska using suction dredges to find gold. The dangerous work tests their limits.

Gold Rush: White Water has aired for four seasons starting in 2018. The most recent season premiered in November 2020.

Sadly, Dakota Fred Hurt passed away on July 11, 2023 at age 80 after battling brain cancer. His death came just one day after his 80th birthday. Dakota Fred was a beloved star of multiple Gold Rush shows. His adventurous spirit and passion for mining made him a fan favorite.


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