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Darren blair gosport | Who was Darren Blair boxing?

Former Royal Navy Commodore Darren Blair Gosport, England tragically passed away suddenly. He was a beloved boxing coach who impacted many lives.

His dear friend, Matthew Richards, paid tribute: “Legend is the only word that fits you. I’m eternally grateful for everything you did for me in and out of the ring. Your legacy will live on."

Darren blair gosport

Darren blair gosport

The town of Gosport is mourning the loss of local boxing legend Darren Blair, who passed away suddenly.

Darren was an amazing coach who showed strength, love and support to many in the community. He helped countless people through his boxing gym over the years. His dear friend Levi shared:

“Thanks for the memories Darren - all the good times and support you showed me and my son. You amazed me in all you did. Fly high and continue training boxers even from above.”

Former trainee Carl Ettridge said: "Thanks for welcoming me into your gym at 13 and being a good friend. Boxing lost a true legend who helped so many."

His heartbroken daughter, Maisy Blair, said:"I feel empty and am hurting more than I thought possible. My dad was loved by many and will be missed by many more. I wish I had the chance to say goodbye. I love you always."

Darren’s gym, Gosport Amateur Boxing Club, welcomed all in the community interested in boxing for fitness or competition. As a non-profit organization, they relied on fundraising and sponsors to operate.

Darren selflessly volunteered his time to train boxers of all ages and skill levels and truly impacted many lives. Tonight, boxer Jack Harrop will honor his late coach in the ring. The entire town is behind him and mourning the loss of this incredible man.

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