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David tully wikipedia | Who is David tully independent?

David Tully "Wikipedia" is a British politician and local resident of Rochdale, England. In 2023, he ran as an independent candidate in the Rochdale parliamentary by-election.

Although Tully lost the election, he came in second place with 6,638 votes or 21.3% of the total. This was a surprise result beating out candidates from major parties like the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

David tully wikipedia

David tully wikipedia

Tully's strong run demonstrated dissatisfaction among Rochdale voters with the traditional parties. The seat was ultimately won by former MP George Galloway with just under 40% of votes.

In his speech after the election, Tully expressed being "overwhelmed" by the support he received from the community. He said he was "proud of my town" and wanted to "look after" Rochdale having lived there his whole life.

Tully's second place finish ahead of many seasoned politicians was described as the first time in British history the top two major parties were "thoroughly and soundly beaten."

Going forward, Tully indicated he may remain active in local Rochdale politics. This includes efforts to "save" the struggling Rochdale football club that faces a threat of extinction.


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