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Meet Dejan Belnavis: A Resident of Worcester, MA

Updated: Mar 13

Police in Worcester, Massachusetts are searching for 27-year-old Dejan Belnavis. Dejan belnavis Worcester ma is wanted for charges related to the murder of Chasity Nunez, 27, and her 11-year-old daughter Zella Nunez.

On Tuesday afternoon, Chasity and Zella were shot and killed while sitting in a parked SUV. Witnesses reported hearing around 12 gunshots.

One person has already been arrested in connection with the killings, but police have not released details about them yet. Belnavis is considered armed and dangerous.

dejan belnavis Worcester ma

Who is dejan belnavis Worcester ma?

  • He is 27 years old

  • He is from Worcester, Massachusetts

  • The Worcester Police Department is actively searching for him

  • He is wanted for charges connected to the murder of Chasity Nunez and her 11-year-old daughter Zella Nunez

  • He is considered armed and dangerous

Chasity was in the Army Reserve and leaves behind another daughter. Her family and the Worcester community are devastated by the senseless violence against a mother and child.

Neighbors are shaken that such a horrific crime could happen in broad daylight when children were getting out of school. City leaders condemned the act and vowed to bring those responsible to justice.


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