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Unraveling the Incident: The Accident Involving Dennis Frick from Freehold, NJ in New Brunswick, NJ

Updated: Mar 13

On Wednesday morning, a fatal car accident occurred on Route 1 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

A 65-year-old man named Dennis frick new brunswick nj from Freehold was driving a Ford pickup truck northbound on Route 1 near the Morris Goodkind Bridge.

Dennis frick freehold nj

What happened to Dennis frick new brunswick nj?

At around 7:08 am, an Infiniti car traveling southbound on Route 1 lost control, crossed over the median, and crashed into Frick's pickup truck.

The impact caused the Infiniti to land on top of Frick's truck. Tragically, Dennis frick freehold nj was pronounced dead at the scene from the collision.

However, the driver of the Infiniti that crossed the median was not injured in the accident.

Authorities are still investigating why exactly the Infiniti lost control and veered across the median into the opposite lanes, leading to the deadly crash.

But the unfortunate outcome was that Dennis Frick, a 65-year-old man from Freehold driving his pickup truck, was killed when the out-of-control Infiniti slammed into his vehicle on Route 1 that morning in New Brunswick.


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