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Dr eric sabbah cardiologist| Dr. Eric Sabbah who made controversial remarks

Dr eric sabbah has been sanctioned with a $25,000 disciplinary fine by the College of Physicians. He is said to have solicited donations from the public, but it is unclear if he actually set up the GoFundMe campaign.

  • The GoFundMe claims the penalties and legal fees amount to $50,000. It has raised $10,500 so far with a goal of $25,000.

Dr eric sabbah

  • Dr. Sabbah did not respond to requests for comment to confirm his involvement. Without that, it's uncertain if he authorized the fundraising appeal in his name.

  • If Dr. Sabbah did set up the campaign himself, it would be concerning that he is soliciting more money from the public after already receiving disciplinary action. However, there is no definitive evidence presented yet that proves his direct involvement.

It seems Dr. Sabbah made extremely concerning and inflammatory statements about the people of Gaza that many viewed as promoting violence or even genocide. While he has a right to his personal opinions, promoting harm towards others goes directly against medical ethics and values. It makes sense that a doctor charged with caring for human life faced disciplinary action for such speech.

By admitting guilt and accepting the $25,000 fine from the College of Physicians, Dr. Sabbah took responsibility for his actions. However, the fact that he is now soliciting donations from the public to pay this penalty fees is problematic. It allows him to avoid directly bearing the consequences of his actions.

Overall this situation highlights the need for health professionals especially to exercise great caution and sound judgment when making public statements. Promoting violence is never acceptable for a doctor, and claiming financial hardship after facing discipline for such unethical speech seems an attempt to avoid accountability. Dr. Sabbah should pay the fine himself rather than seeking crowd-funded support.

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