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Dune part 2 filming locations | Where Was Dune 2 Filmed?

The upcoming sequel Dune: Part Two brings back the impressive world of the desert planet Arrakis. Many of the filming locations are the same ones used in the first Dune movie.

Dune part 2 filming locations: Budapest, Hungary is a main location for filming major battle scenes in Dune 2. The movie studio backlots provide space and flexibility for big explosive action shots. Other sci-fi films have also used Budapest for filming recently.

Additionally, the production crew returned to Wadi Rum in Jordan. This unique desert landscape doubles as the fictional Arrakis. With its red sands and rocky formations, Wadi Rum looks straight out of this world. It captures the remote, sparse feeling of the Dune planet.

Dune part 2 filming locations

Dune part 2 filming locations ?

Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates was another real-world desert used to depict Arrakis. The first Dune used Abu Dhabi for Fremen shelter scenes. So Dune 2 likely returns there to portray the native Fremen people and their home.

The similar vistas of Jordan and Abu Dhabi blend together nicely when editing. This allows the production team maximum flexibility for crafting the sandy world of Arrakis digitally. Overall, the mix of digital effects plus on-location desert filming brings the planet to life. Audiences will have to wait for Dune: Part Two to see Arrakis in action again.

Where Was Dune 2 Filmed?

Dune: Part Two features some new filming sites that weren't used in the first Dune movie. One major location is the city of Altivole in northern Italy's Treviso province.

Specifically, the interiors of the Corrino household were filmed in Altivole. The Corrinos are one of the main factions in the Dune universe. Using an Italian architectural setting makes the Corrino environments stand out from the desert wasteland of Arrakis.

Additionally, Memoriale Brione tomb in Altivole served as the exterior for the Corrino household. Its modernist architecture will likely come across as distinguished in the film. Since most of Dune occurs on the sparse, sandy Arrakis, the structures we do see tend to feel more significant. The filmmakers smartly chose a filming site with eye-catching buildings.

Overall, the Italian locales offer some visual variety from the predominantly Middle Eastern desert filming spots. Blending both will allow Dune: Part Two to capture a multifaceted fictional world.


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