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Erin amos orillia ontario | Who is Erin amos equestrian?

Erin amos equestrian was from Orillia, Ontario. She went to school at Park Street Collegiate and colleges in Kemptville and George Brown.

Erin was part of the equestrian community. Her friend Kirsten Kaiser wrote a nice message about Erin after she died.

Kirsten said Erin was a very determined and strong woman. Kirsten felt honored to call Erin a good friend. Over four years, they became close and Kirsten learned a lot from Erin.

Erin amos equestrian

Erin amos equestrian

Kirsten will miss talking to Erin often. She shared funny memories too, like Erin asking for many iced coffee drinks. Most of all, Kirsten thanked Erin for bringing laughs, wisdom, friendship and happiness into her life.

Kirsten offered condolences to Erin’s whole family. She also shared her condolences for another death of someone in the equestrian community the same day. So many people are sad over the loss of Erin Amos and their other friend.

More friends of Erin Amos wrote nice things about her after she died.

Connie Meeke shared her deepest condolences. She understands the family's grief, having lost her own daughter in a similar way. She remembers Erin cheering for her riding clients with great enthusiasm.

Jen Forster also wrote to say how sorry she is that Erin passed away so young. She hopes Erin is now at peace. Jen expressed sincere sympathies to Erin's grieving family.

Jenn Brech said Erin really helped her become a better horse rider over the years.

Thanks to Erin, she got to ride with Cathy Inch and find her favorite horse Rhea. Going to Erin's barn felt like home. Jenn will miss her every day.

Many people in the Ontario equestrian community feel great loss over Erin's death. They are offering tributes and condolences to help comfort Erin’s parents Mary Louise Amos and Paul.


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