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Exploring Art with Everett Moore risd from Brooklyn, NY

Updated: Mar 13

Everett Moore is a student at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), studying Fashion/Apparel Design. Everett moore risd recently did two fashion internships in New York City.

From June to September 2023, Everett interned at MelkeNYC, a fashion brand in Brooklyn. His duties included designing patterns for garments, tailoring clothes for their spring collection, sourcing fabrics, designing bags, and helping with the runway show by making changes and coordinating.

Everett moore risd

Who is Everett moore risd?

  • He is a student at RISD pursuing a degree in Fashion/Apparel Design (his expected graduation year is not specified)

  • Some of his skills listed include sewing, fashion design, and working as a creative intern

  • In the summer of 2023, he completed two fashion internships in New York City:

  1. A 4-month internship at MelkeNYC from June-September 2023

  2. A 1-month internship at Mena Clothing in September 2023 helping with their NYFW runway show

  • His internship duties included design work like patternmaking, tailoring garments, sourcing fabrics, designing bags, and assisting with runway coordination

In September 2023, Everett also did a one-month internship with designer Chris Mena. He helped out on the runway for Mena's Spring 2024 fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

So Everett is a fashion design student at RISD who gained hands-on experience last summer through internships at two different fashion companies in NYC. He worked on design, patternmaking, tailoring, sourcing, and runway production tasks. These internships allowed him to apply his skills and get real-world experience in the fashion industry.


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