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Fotis dulos wikipedia | Fotis dulos dateline

Fotis dulos "wikipedia" : The TV show Fotis dulos dateline NBC aired a special 2-hour episode about the Jennifer Dulos case on Friday. This was the same day a jury found Michelle Troconis guilty of charges related to Dulos' death in 2019.

The Dateline episode featured interviews with Jennifer Dulos' friends and family. Her friend Carrie Luft held back tears while remembering Dulos, saying "She is here, right now, in all of us."

Fotis dulos dateline

Fotis dulos dateline

Troconis was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence, and hindering prosecution. She faces up to 50 years in prison when she is sentenced.

The Dateline special summarized the relationship between Jennifer and Fotis Dulos, their contentious divorce, and the police investigation after Jennifer disappeared. It showed police interviews with Troconis and evidence presented at trial.

Defense lawyer Jon Schoenhorn said he was shocked by the guilty verdicts and will appeal. He was interviewed along with police and prosecutors involved in the high-profile case.

Dateline correspondent Dennis Murphy said the Dulos case involved "real-life CSI" drama in the wealthy Connecticut suburbs. The episode explored how Jennifer Dulos' life was "interrupted" amidst the couple's divorce and custody battle.

Fotis dulos wikipedia

Fotis Dulos is a businessman originally from Turkey. He was arrested in January 2020 and charged with the murder of his ex-wife, Jennifer Dulos. Jennifer went missing in 2019 amidst a contentious divorce and child custody battle with Fotis.

Fotis’ girlfriend Michelle Troconis was also arrested in 2019. She was charged with tampering with evidence related to Jennifer’s disappearance. Fotis’ friend Kent Mawhinney was brought into custody as well.

Police started investigating after Jennifer went missing in May 2019. They found blood stains in the garage of her New Canaan home that she and Fotis used to share.

Fotis and Jennifer met at Brown University and married in 2004. They have 5 children. In 2017, Jennifer filed for divorce to end their troubled marriage. At the time, Fotis had started seeing his new girlfriend Michelle Troconis.

In January 2020, Fotis died by suicide while facing charges of murder and kidnapping. The search continues for answers about what happened to Jennifer the day she vanished. Police have accused Fotis and Michelle of conspiracy, though the investigation remains ongoing.


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