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Francis scoza dunedin FL | What happened to Audrey Petersen Clearwater FL

A 61-year-old woman named Audrey Petersen was shot multiple times in Clearwater, Florida on Friday night. The shooting happened around 8:15pm on Hillcreek Circle East.

According to police, the suspect is Audrey's ex-boyfriend - 71-year-old Francis scoza dunedin FL. Their long-term relationship had recently ended.

Francis scoza dunedin FL

Francis scoza dunedin FL

Audrey was running to a neighbor's house for help when Francis shot her. Clearwater police officers say she was shot multiple times.

The police department has not provided an update on Audrey's current condition. The investigation into this disturbing domestic violence incident is ongoing.

On Friday night, Francis Scoza went to Audrey Petersen's home shortly after 8pm. He forced his way inside through the back of the house.

Audrey fled as Francis fired a shot inside. He followed her as she ran to a neighbor's house for help.

Police say Francis shot Audrey multiple times outside the neighbor's home. She collapsed and died in the yard.

Francis then shot himself and died in the same neighbor's yard.

Detectives have determined this was a murder-suicide. The police investigation is still ongoing into the exact details of this tragic domestic violence incident.

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