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Gabby Campisano: A Profile of a Columbus, OH Resident

Updated: Mar 13

Gabby Campisano from Marysville, Ohio has sadly passed away. Gabby Campisano Columbus OH studied Dental Assisting at Fortis College in Centerville and went to Marysville High School.

Her friend Zachariah E.B. Braithwaite is heartbroken by Gabby's passing. He wishes he had reached out when he saw she was hurting. He has good memories with her that will last forever. He sends love to Gabby and her mother Linda.

Lesley Paramore is sending love and support to her friends grieving the losses of Gabby Campisano and Jessi Serpas Fausett, two special women who left an imprint on her heart.

Gabby Campisano Columbus OH

Who is Gabby Campisano Columbus OH?

  • Gabby Campisano was from Marysville, Ohio, which is part of the greater Columbus area

  • She studied Dental Assisting at Fortis College in Centerville

  • She attended Marysville High School

  • Gabby passed away recently at a young age, devastating her family and friends.

Chris Harris is very sad that his dear friend Gabby is no longer with them. He says Gabby was an angel who was taken too soon. He reminds others to hug their friends often and let them know they are loved because life is short.

Gabby's unexpected death at a young age has deeply impacted her community in Marysville and Columbus. Her friends are mourning her loss, remembering her kindness, and wishing they could have helped or spent more time with her before she passed away.


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