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Glen macdonald hockey community and the sports

The sports world is mourning the loss of Glen macdonald hockey, who was a beloved figure in the hockey and broadcasting industries. Glen played a key role in building the sports network The Score and had an impressive career that included producing multiple Olympics.

News of Glen's passing was shared by NHL writer Elliotte Friedman, who expressed condolences to Glen's family and friends. Friedman highlighted how Glen was cherished by everyone he worked with at The Score.

Glen macdonald hockey

Who is Glen macdonald hockey?

Glen's friend Mike recounted fond memories of their friendship that went back to their college days at Ryerson in the late 80s/early 90s. Mike shared anecdotes about Glen's fun-loving spirit, whether it was Mike calling him "Mackie", Glen immediately saying "open bar" when Mike got engaged, or Glen being the only friend at Mike's bachelor party.

Mike reminisced about hilarious times they shared, like a night out when the glass door prevented their exit. Glen was always up for adventures with Mike and his wife, like attending their Jamaica wedding and Carnival trip to Trinidad.

Though they didn't see each other as often lately, Mike wished he made more effort after recently hearing Glen didn't have long left. Mike expressed how much he'll miss his dear friend "Mackie" who made the world a better place.

Others paid tribute too, sharing memories like Glen ending up on a Carnival truck surrounded by attentive women. They remarked on what a genuinely good guy Glen was who will be deeply missed.


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