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Heber hernandez accident | What happened to heber hernandez los petroleros?

There was a fatal car accident early Monday morning on Highway 183 eastbound in Bedford, Texas. A 24-year-old man named heber hernandez los petroleros died in the accident at the hospital shortly before 5am.

Most of the eastbound lanes on Highway 183 were closed due to the accident. Only one eastbound lane was open between the Central Drive and Industrial Boulevard exits. The eastbound access road was also shut down between Westpark Way and Industrial Boulevard.

heber hernandez los petroleros
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Who is heber hernandez los petroleros?

Heber Hernandez was a vocalist for the band Petroleros Del Bravo. He was known for his passionate performances and soulful voice, which captivated audiences and earned him a loyal following of fans. His contributions to the band were significant, as he led them to success with his dynamic performances and creative vision. His passion for music was evident in every performance he gave with Petroleros Del Bravo. who is Heber Hernandez.

The Bedford Police Department said the lane closures would last through the morning rush hour and cause major traffic delays.

By around 9am, all the lanes had reopened after the accident was cleared.


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