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It’s my first time being loved spoiler

The Korean web novel "it’s my first time being loved spoiler" tells an intriguing reincarnation story. Written by author DreamJ, it follows a woman named Lithia who has been reborn over 100 times. For the first time ever, she experiences what it's like to truly be cherished by others.

We meet Lithia as she is born yet again into her 100th life. After many difficult rebirths, she hopes this time will be different. She is then adopted by a Grand Duke's prestigious household! But early on Lithia faces discrimination due to her obscure background.

Gradually Lithia adjusts to the family, building caring relationships especially with the Duke's heir, Lord Ignis. Though initially cold towards her, Ignis shows growing fascination and becomes protective of Lithia. As things progress, it appears his interests likely go deeper than just familial affection.

t’s my first time being loved spoiler

It’s my first time being loved spoiler: Young Love Begins to Blossom

Amid scheming rivals and meddling extended family, Lithia and Ignis find comfort in each other. Ignis even displays rare vulnerability and sincerity with Lithia. Their special bond deepens through many heart-fluttering moments. For once, Lithia abandons her lifelong doubts on love.

Misunderstandings later put a strain on their blossoming romance. But Ignis remains unwaveringly loyal to Lithia's wellbeing above all else. Seeing his transformation from distant to devoted lover makes their story very gripping! We as readers can’t help rooting for the two to overcome obstacles.

Beyond Romance - Complex Relationships and Trials

The main love story is very moving. Additionally though, family plays a big role in shaping Lithia and Ignis. Lithia’s adoptive parents give her great affection. Even Ignis benefits from their guidance. Conflict often arises between Lithia and Ignis’ mother. But overall, familial ties bring out the best in these characters.

By integrating romance, politics and reincarnation mythology, author DreamJ keeps readers engrossed. The emotional journey takes us through high highs and low lows. Despite many painful trials however, enduring care and compassion ultimately win the day. This allows true love to fully bloom at last!


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