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James Kilmetis Commack NY | Who was James Kilmetis Commack?

James Kilmetis Commack NY, who recently passed away at a young age. A friend named Jill DiVito posted a tribute to him on Facebook, reminiscing about knowing him from kindergarten through their 20s. She shared memories of them being friends in childhood and adolescence, spending time together on weekends, laughing and getting into mischief.

James Kilmetis Commack NY

James Kilmetis Commack NY

  • Lived in New York City, originally from Commack, NY

  • Went to school with Jill DiVito, who posted a heartfelt tribute to him after his passing

  • Jill remembers James from kindergarten through high school and into their 20s, highlighting fun memories of them growing up together

  • She mentions the loss hitting hard because James was taken too soon

  • Jill hopes James is at peace and with their other friends who have passed, watching over everyone

  • She says he will be greatly missed and loved always

  • No further details are provided about James' passing, but it seemed very unexpected and tragic for his loved ones

DiVito expressed sadness that Kilmetis was "taken from us so soon" but said she would hold onto the great memories of him forever. She hoped he was at peace and with other loved ones who have passed. Her post made clear Kilmetis touched many lives and would be greatly missed.

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