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Jason lucas epsom | What happened to Jason lucas?

Jason lucas "epsom" was a 47-year-old man who lived in Epsom, Surrey. On Wednesday night, police were called to an address on Eleanor Avenue in Epsom. When they arrived, they found Jason dead at the scene.

Ambulance crews had tried to save Jason but he was sadly pronounced dead. The police started an investigation into Jason's suspicious death.

Jason lucas epsom

Jason lucas epsom

Many friends of Jason Lucas posted on Facebook to mourn his tragic death. Dawn Carter shared her shock and sadness over the news, saying her "heart goes out to all [his] family."

Simone Kantor also posted saying she knew Jason since childhood in their neighborhood of Longmead. She said she is in disbelief that he "did not deserve what happened."

Another friend said they just saw Jason the day before he died. He was sharing positive news and seemed upbeat. The friend expresses total shock that this could happen in their Longmead community.

The posts emphasize Jason was a longtime neighbor and friend. His sudden violent death has brought grief and confusion. Friends are offering love and support to comfort each other after losing Jason. They urge his family and friends to look after one another while coping with this tragedy in their once-peaceful area.

The tributes show Jason Lucas was a well-liked community member. His untimely passing has impacted many lives.

A 44-year-old man who also lives in Epsom was arrested that night on suspicion of 47-year-old man. He remains in police custody.

Detective Inspector Craig Emmerson is leading the investigation. He said they believe this was an isolated incident between individuals who knew each other, not a risk to the wider public.

Police will continue working hard to determine exactly what happened to Jason and why the incident took placed. There is still a large police presence in the local area as they gather evidence about Jason's incident.

This is very tragic news that Jason Lucas lost his life. His family, friends and community are likely grieving this sudden loss of life.

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