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Explore Jayce rocha milton wi: A Student from Milton High School

Updated: Mar 13

Jayce Rocha was from Milton, Wisconsin. He was a freshman linebacker on the college football team. Jayce was 6'3" and weighed 215 lbs. Jayce rocha milton wi was a multi-sport athlete in high school, lettering in football, hockey, lacrosse and wrestling.

Jayce rocha milton wi

Who is Jayce rocha milton wi?

At Milton High, Jayce was an outstanding multi-sport athlete. He earned 11 letters for participating in football, hockey, lacrosse, and wrestling during his high school years.

Jayce went on to play football at the college level as a 6'3", 215-pound linebacker. He was majoring in health sciences and had dreams of working in that field.

After Jayce's passing, his former high school, the Milton High School Boy's Hockey Team, paid tribute to him on social media. They expressed their heavy hearts and extended condolences to Jayce's family during this incredibly difficult time.

One of Jayce's hockey teammates, Steve Zartman, shared how Jayce always brought smiles to the locker room with his fun personality. Steve called him a character and a "beast on the ice", saying Jayce will be deeply missed.

Tragically, Jayce passed away. The Milton High School boys' hockey team and a former coach paid tribute to him on Facebook. The hockey team said their hearts are heavy and extended condolences to Jayce's family. The coach remembered Jayce always having a smile and being a great character, calling him a beast on the ice.

A community member also commented, saying this is heartbreaking and that they remember Jayce, sending prayers to his family and many friends. It's clear Jayce was a beloved student-athlete whose passing at a young age deeply impacted his hometown community.


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