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Joel mason musician | Joel mason musician cancer

Joel Mason is a talented rock "musician" and comedian from Las Vegas. After years of playing in bands across the country, Joel created a popular tribute show performing Elton John's music.

An MTV documentary about Joel's act helped make him an in-demand performer globally. He even toured briefly in Denmark, playing Elton's songs with a 100-piece symphony orchestra for the Danish Queen.

Joel mason musician

Joel mason musician

Joel then began developing more tribute shows and comedy rock productions. He headlines corporate events and cruise ships worldwide with his entertaining performances.

Currently, Joel works for a major cruise line, using his music and comedy skills to collaborate with legendary artists on ships. He's worked with famous musicians like Earth Wind & Fire, Foreigner, Styx and many more.

When not on tour, Joel lives in Las Vegas with his wife and daughters. He also plays piano at local bars' lively dueling piano shows.

Over his wide-spanning career, Joel has earned a reputation for creating fun, high energy shows that audiences love. His musical tributes combined with humor deliver memorable live experiences.

Joel mason musician cancer

Joel received 6 weeks of specialized cancer treatment at Brio-Medical Cancer Clinic. He had vitamin C therapy, low-dose chemotherapy, and over 70 other therapies.

This tailored combination treatment fought Joel's cancer while reducing harsh side effects from traditional treatments.

The good news is the innovative program has been working for Joel. His test results show improved health since starting there.

Joel is uplifted to be returning home after his intensive treatment. His positive outcome demonstrates the potential of alternative medical approaches.

Despite facing adversity, Joel persevered. His resilience and the clinic’s compassionate care combining latest methods have put Joel on the path to recovery.

Joel’s profound journey gives hope for what customized and progressive cancer treatment can achieve. His commitment has yielded important progress in battling his disease.

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