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John Velino car accident | What happened to John Velino belleville IL

John Velino "car accident" was from Belleville, Illinois. He attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale from 1988-1992 and graduated in 1992. He started working at Madison Mutual Insurance Company in September 2014, where he worked in marketing.

John Velino car accident

John Velino car accident

A Facebook post by Rose Ambler Hardin paid tribute to John after his passing. She wrote that there are no words and said "Fly free my friend. You will be missed. We are crushed." This suggests that John Velino has passed away unexpectedly at some point, leaving his friends and loved ones grieving.

It is clear that John Velino has passed away, leaving behind his wife Kathy Martin Velino and other family members. Several of Kathy's Facebook friends have posted tributes and condolences.

Lisa Marie Stennis expressed her deepest condolences to Kathy and said she is available if Kathy needs anything. She offered prayers for peace and comfort.

Mj Creely Stennis also directed her message to Kathy, saying she is sorry for her loss. She offered prayers for Kathy and her family and hoped their memories of John would bring comfort.

Missy Dorman said she was very sorry to hear of John's passing and sent love and prayers to all of them during this difficult time of grief and loss.

So in summary, John Velino, husband to Kathy from the Belleville, Illinois area, has passed away recently and is being mourned by his wife, family, and friends. These Facebook tributes give a sense of the loss being felt by those close to him.

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