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Tragic Motorcycle Accident Involving Joshua Colon Cirino: Deltona, FL Community Seeks Answers

Updated: Mar 13

On Tuesday evening around 6 pm, a tragic motorcycle crash occurred in Deltona, Florida that resulted in two deaths.

26-year-old Joshua colon cirino deltona fl was operating a 2007 Yamaha sports motorcycle traveling south on Normandy Boulevard at an extremely high rate of speed, estimated to be over 80 mph.

Joshua colon cirino deltona fl

What happened to Joshua colon cirino deltona fl?

As Cirino's motorcycle approached the intersection of Sullivan Street, a Mazda SUV began making a left turn onto Sullivan. The speeding motorcycle then crashed into the right front fender of the turning SUV.

The impact ejected both Cirino and his adult female passenger from the motorcycle. Witnesses attempted to provide life-saving efforts, but unfortunately both Cirino and his passenger were pronounced dead at the scene by emergency responders.

The identities of Cirino's passenger and the two occupants of the Mazda SUV, who sustained non-life-threatening injuries, were not released. Surveillance video captured the horrific high-speed collision.

While a full investigation is still underway, the preliminary findings indicate Cirino's excessive speed was the primary factor in the deadly crash in Deltona as the motorcycle slammed into the turning SUV at over 80 mph.


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