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Julie green ministries on rumble | Who is Julie green ministries

Julie green ministries "on rumble" started teaching about God in 2010. For many years, she helped at her dad's church. Her mom and dad love God very much. They helped teach Julie about God's love since she was very young.

When Julie was 5 years old, she decided to follow Jesus. She believes God's Word in the Bible is very important. Julie thinks when we talk about what the Bible says, God does powerful things.

Julie green ministries on rumble

Julie green ministries on rumble

Julie wants to show people how much God cares about them. She wants to help them when they feel hopeless. She teaches that God made each of us special. She wants everyone to know God loves them.

Julie believes God still does miracles today like in the Bible. She wants people to see how great God's love is. Julie and her family care about people too. They want to share God's love with everyone.

Julie Green started her ministry to help change people's lives. She wants people to know God loves them no matter what. She teaches that the Bible has good news for us. She says when we have a relationship with God, we have hope.

Julie now shares messages on social media. She posts videos on Facebook, Locals, Rumble, Telegram, TikTok, Truth Social, and Twitter. More people can learn about God's love this way.

But be careful! Some accounts pretend to be Julie Green but are not really her. To know you have the right account, check the ones listed on her website.

Julie and her ministry want everyone to know how much God cares. They use many places online to spread His love. Watch her videos to learn more about God's hope for you!


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