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Justin Gottschalk Newark OH | Who was Justin Gottschalk Newark?

Justin Gottschalk Newark OH was a loved family member and friend who has tragically passed away unexpectedly. His family wrote a heartfelt tribute stating that their lives will never be the same without him. They described Justin as authentically himself, full of passion, with a big heart. He cared deeply for family and friends.

  • Profession: Head Chef (preferred the title "Chief") at Hereinafter Cocktail Tavern in Newark, Ohio

  • Hometown: Originally from Granville, Ohio but was living in Newark at the time of his passing

  • Passions & Interests: Cooking/food, golf, Pittsburgh Steelers fan

  • Personality Traits: Authentic, passionate, caring, creative, smart, generous

  • Had close relationships with friends like Lisa Shamhart Maughmer who shared fond memories working long hours together in a restaurant setting

Justin Gottschalk Newark OH

Justin Gottschalk Newark OH

The Facebook tribute indicated Justin brought positivity and fun even to grueling days in the restaurant industry. He made an impact through sharing his culinary talents and building relationships within the Newark community and beyond. His sudden loss at a young age has been heartbreaking for his loved ones.

In summary, Justin Gottschalk was a gifted chef who pursued his passion in Newark and is remembered for his vibrant personality and care for others in addition to his food preparation skills. His premature death has profoundly affected all those who knew him.

Justin was an extremely talented chef and gifted in fine dining. He was also creative, smart, caring and generous. Some of his other interests included golfing and being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

His grieving family wrote that there are not enough words to explain how much they love Justin and will always love him. They asked for continued prayers for their family as they struggle to understand what happened and how to move forward after this devastating loss.

A visitation and service was scheduled for Justin on Thursday 2/15/2024 at the Brucker & Kishler Funeral Home in Newark, OH, for family and friends to pay their respects. The circumstances of Justin's passing were not provided but it seems it was unexpected and has profoundly impacted his family and community.

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