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Justin whitley Blaine County | Who is officer jeb east hit by car?

A police officer was hit by a fast car while working. The officer's name is Jeb East. He works in Blaine County.

The red car was driven by Justin whitley Blaine County, age 27. After the crash, Justin ran away. But he was caught by police later in Paleto Bay.

Justin whitley Blaine County

Justin whitley Blaine County

Jeb East had stopped another car on the side of the road. Suddenly, a red Dominator car crashed into both cars at high speed.

The whole thing was caught on video from Jeb East's police car. The video shows Jeb and the other driver getting flung through the air from the powerful crash.

It is scary to see from the video. We hope Jeb East and the other driver were not hurt too badly. The police are likely very upset with Justin for crashing and running away.


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