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Laura Alves Brito Bridgeport | Riquelme alves brito Bridgeport

A very sad crash happened on Sunday in Beacon Falls, Connecticut. Two young kids from Bridgeport were killed. Their names were 3-year-old Riquelme Alves Brito and 6-year-old Laura Alves Brito Bridgeport.

The crash involved the car the kids were riding in and a pickup truck. The truck hit the car from behind around 3:30PM. Both vehicles went off the road into a concrete wall. We don’t know yet exactly what happened before.

Laura Alves Brito Bridgeport

Who was Laura Alves Brito Bridgeport?

Laura Alves Brito was a 6-year-old from Bridgeport. She was a passenger in a Honda Civic involved in the incident.

The crash hurt the driver and other passenger in the car too. The truck driver was not hurt as bad. Tragically, little Riquelme and Laura died at the hospital, even though doctors tried to save them.

Since then, everyone in Bridgeport who knew the kids and family has been very sad. While police try to find out who caused the crash, they are asking anyone who saw anything to come forward to help.

The community is grieving over losing two innocent children so suddenly. Laura and Riquelme’s family and friends can now only comfort each other while coping with this awful tragedy. The kids’ smiles and playful spirits will be remembered, but nothing can make up for their far too early deaths.

"This is a developing story; we will update it soon once the details are available."

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