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Lekedrick Bowden accident | What happened to Lekedrick Bowden Monroe LA?

On March 4th, 2024, around 12:45 pm, there was a bad car accident on I-49 near Milepost 53 in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. The accident involved two vehicles - a 2018 Cadillac and a commercial truck.

The Cadillac was driven by 39-year-old Lekedrick Bowden from Monroe. Lekedrick Bowden Monroe LA was trying to pass the commercial truck when his car started to hydroplane (slide on wet roads) and lost control. The Cadillac spun into the path of the truck, and the truck hit the Cadillac.

Lekedrick Bowden Monroe LA

What happened to Lekedrick Bowden Monroe LA?

Lekedrick Bowden, who was wearing a seatbelt, was sadly killed in the accident. Three other people in the Cadillac were hurt a little bit and taken to the hospital. The truck driver was not hurt.

The police are still investigating why Bowden lost control of his car. They think it might have been due to the wet roads, but they are also checking if alcohol or drugs were involved.

The police remind everyone to slow down when it's raining or the roads are wet. Make sure your tires are in good condition and properly inflated. Don't use cruise control or make sudden movements like braking or turning sharply when the roads are wet. And if your car does start to hydroplane, stay calm and ease off the gas until you regain control.


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