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Lucky davis son accident | What happened to cj johnson valdosta?

Two cousins, cj johnson valdosta and De’markus Mosley, were fishing together in Valdosta, Georgia. They were on a small boat in a pond when the boat flipped over. Both men fell into the cold water. After about 40 minutes, they were able to swim to shore. But CJ went back into the water to try to get their bag with car keys. He went under the water and did not come back up.

cj johnson valdosta

What happened to cj johnson valdosta?

De’markus tried to rescue CJ, but could not find him. De’markus ran to the road and waved down a passing car to call for help. Rescue workers came and searched for CJ all night long. The next morning they found CJ's body under the water.

CJ and De'markus were very close cousins and good friends. They went fishing together often - 4 or 5 times every week. Fishing was their favorite thing to do together. De'markus is very sad that his cousin and friend has died. CJ's father said CJ was a very special son. The family and community are grieving the tragic loss of CJ.

Dwayne Culpepper: My prayers go out to CJ Johnson's family. He was taken from us too soon in a tragic accident. CJ was well-respected and kind to everyone he met. His warm smile and encouraging words will be greatly missed at school and on our football team. May God wrap His arms around CJ's loved ones during this difficult time. Rest in peace.

Erica Grant: CJ's cousin survived the accident. My heart breaks for his dad Lucky and their whole family. I can't imagine what they are going through. Sending thoughts and prayers their way.

Dequantae Mosley: I'm devastated over losing my cousin CJ. We were so close and I'll miss him so much. I keep asking why, God? Why CJ? It doesn't seem fair that he's gone. CJ, save a place for me in heaven bro. One day we'll meet again. For now I'll carry you in my heart and keep your memory alive. Love you cousin.


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