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Majeda kassem tinley park: Tragedy the Story of the Kassem Family Shooting – Maher Kassem, Majeda Kassem, and the Heartbreaking Incident Involving Three Daughters

Updated: Jan 25

A really sad event occurred in Tinley Park when Maher Kassem was part of a heartbreaking shooting incident. The incident was directed at his wife, Majeda Kassem, and their three daughters - Zahia Kassem from Chicago, Majeda Kassem from Tinley Park, and Hanan Kassem from Tinley Park.

The suburban community of Tinley Park, Illinois is reeling after a horrific act of domestic violence left four women dead on Sunday morning. 53-year-old Majeda Kassem and her three adult daughters - 25-year-old Halema, 24-year-old Hanan, and 25-year-old Zahia - were fatally shot inside their home by a male relative around 11:20am.

Majeda kassem tinley park

Majeda kassem tinley park

Police arrived at the residence on W. 173rd Street after receiving a chilling 911 call from the suspect himself alerting authorities that someone had been shot inside the home. Upon entering the grisly scene, officers discovered the four female victims deceased from apparent gunshot wounds before taking the male caller into custody at the property. The weapon used in the slayings was also recovered at the scene.

The exact details and reasons for the tragic incident are still being looked into, but authorities suggest that the terrible events originated from issues within the Kassem family. The male shooter is now in custody, and there's no more danger to the public. The people in Tinley Park are in shock, trying to understand how a seemingly regular household could turn into a place of sudden and extreme violence.

Neighbor Charlotte Vaitkus, whose daughter was friends with the eldest Kassem son and had employed two of the now-deceased daughters, noted her child was in stunned disbelief. "She never knew that there were any problems at all at home," Vaitkus remarked. However, behind closed doors, the intelligent, promising sisters with bright futures met an abrupt, traumatic end allegedly by a male relative’s hand.

The Tinley Park tragedy has shaken community members to their core. From all outside appearances, the Kassem family embodied the American dream - hardworking children flourishing into professional careers with a comfortable suburban home and yearly summer trips overseas.

Everything changed in an instant when several gunshots were fired, shattering the dream. Now, four women are gone, two sons are left without their dear family, and the whole community is desperately looking for answers.

Authorities continue to interview witnesses to piece together the exact sequence of events leading up to the fatal domestic shooting. For now, Tinley Park mourns the profound loss of four vibrant female lives so tragically cut short.

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