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Mallorca lee wikipedia | Mallorca lee real name

John Charles De Mallorca Lee "Wikipedia" was a British music producer and DJ, best known as the founder of the dance group Ultra-Sonic in the 1990s.

Lee first got interested in music in the early 1980s when hip-hop caught his attention. Groups like Run DMC and Public Enemy deeply inspired him. Later in the late 1980s, he started going to dance clubs and got hooked on dance music culture. Seeing Adamski perform live in 1990 made Lee realize he wanted to make dance music himself.

He bought some basic equipment like a synthesizer, drum machine, and guitar amp. He taught himself to make electronic dance songs in his bedroom, influenced by Adamski's style. Lee soon started playing raves all over the country with his first band Ultra-Sonic. The group mixed house music with a punk attitude.

Mallorca lee wikipedia

Mallorca lee wikipedia

John Charles De Mallorca Lee started making music by experimenting with basic equipment. He began playing in a band with his brother's teacher Roger Hughes, who also liked dance music. Hughes had more experience, and Lee learned a lot from him about using synthesizers and drum machines to make house music.

At first, Lee didn't know much about effects or mixing desks. But he had a punk rock attitude of just diving in and figuring things out through trial and error instead of following technical manuals. This approach drove some people crazy, but Lee was happy as long as he got the sounds he wanted.

Recording vocals was also new and crazy at first. But with an Ensoniq synth, Alesis drum machine, and eventual Amiga computer with sequencing software, Lee started sampling beats and vocals from hip hop records to make his own tunes.

Getting iconic pieces of gear like the TB-303 bassline synth and TR-909 drum machine took Lee's rave music to another level in the 90s as the band started touring internationally. He spent most of his money on more and more equipment, some of which got smashed on the road.

Lee believes there has to be a human, hands-on element when using electronics to make dance music. The machines enable one person to be a whole band, but tweaking filters, controlling builds and drops, and setting tempos is where the soul comes from. When done right, it's an incredible fusion. When done wrong, it sounds lifeless and robotic.

Sadly, Lee passed away on February 5th 2023 at age 51. The previous month he had shared that he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and may only have months to live.

In his announcement, Lee apologized to fans for not telling each person individually. He said doing so would break his heart a thousand times. He expressed love for all his family and friends, saying the last 10 years were the best. Lee asked for privacy and understanding during his final days.

His family later confirmed Lee's passing on his Facebook page. They wrote that they love him "infinity" and to "goodbye and safe trip." Though gone too soon, John Charles De Mallorca Lee leaves a lasting musical legacy through his infectious electronic dance productions.


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