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Mario guzman king city ca | What happened to Francisco aldape king city

On Sunday, March 3rd, a horrible shooting took place in King City, California. Four people were killed and seven others were injured by gunshot wounds.

The four people who died were Mario Guzman Mendoza, age 42, Alicia Ramirez Aparicio, age 32, Olivo Perez Pina, age 32, all from King City, and Francisco Aldape.

Mario guzman king city ca left behind his wife and two daughters after he was killed. His family is heartbroken and grieving this tragic loss.

Mario guzman king city ca

What happened to Mario guzman king city ca?

Of the seven people injured, two remain in critical condition at the hospital with very serious injuries. The other five had non-life threatening gunshot wounds.

The shooting has shaken the King City community. People there are praying for the victims' families and hoping the police can find whoever is responsible for this terrible act of violence.

The Guzman family is asking for help to pay for Mario's funeral expenses during this very difficult time. They are grateful for the love, prayers and support they have received.

The community is saddened by these senseless deaths and wants the violence to stop. Many are offering condolences and wishing peace for the families of the victims.


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