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Seeking Clarity: The Story of Mark Brant from Chesterton, Indiana

Updated: Mar 13

There was a road rage incident on Interstate 80/94 in northwest Indiana on Wednesday morning. One person was shot and killed in their car.

The victim was 55-year-old Mark Brant from Chesterton, Indiana. Mark brant chesterton IN died from a gunshot wound while driving his car.

After the shooting, the suspect pulled over on Interstate 65 about 2 miles away and called police to say he was involved in a road rage incident.

Police found Brant's body in his crashed car on I-80/94. The suspect is now in custody at the Lake County Jail.

Mark brant chesterton IN

What happened to Mark brant chesterton IN?

Mark Brant, a 55-year-old man from Chesterton, Indiana, was shot and killed in a road rage incident on Interstate 80/94 in northwest Indiana.


  • Brant was driving on westbound I-80/94 near Ripley Street in the early morning hours.

  • He got into some kind of confrontation or road rage incident with another driver.

  • The other driver shot Brant, hitting him with a gunshot wound while he was driving his car.

  • Brant's vehicle then crashed on I-80/94 after he was shot.

  • When police arrived at the scene, they found Brant deceased in the driver's seat of his crashed vehicle. He had died from the gunshot wound.

Mark Brant was the victim of a fatal road rage shooting on the interstate in northwest Indiana. He was shot by another driver during a confrontation, which caused him to crash his vehicle, where he died from the gunshot injury.

The interstate was shut down for around 4 hours while police investigated, but it has since reopened.

Charges against the suspect who shot and killed Brant are still pending. Police say the two drivers got into some kind of confrontation that led to the road rage shooting.

So in short - a road rage incident led to one driver shooting and killing another driver, 55-year-old Mark Brant. The suspected shooter then turned himself in and is currently in jail awaiting charges.


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