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Martha gill wikipedia | Who is Martha gill?

Martha gill "wikipedia" is a London-based political journalist in her early to mid 30s, who has contributed to major publications like The Guardian. She has established herself as an independent figure in recent years after getting her start over 10 years ago. Key personal details like her family background remain private.

Martha gill wikipedia

Martha gill wikipedia

Personal Details:

  • Age: Between 30-35 years old

  • Parents & Siblings: Not disclosed, but she is not related to journalist AA Gill


  • Profession: Political Journalist

  • Written for: The Guardian, The Huffington Post (in 2016), works as an independent journalist since 2017

  • Known for: Dedication to political journalism spanning over a decade

Other Details:

  • Hometown: London, England

  • Height: 5 Feet 6 inches

  • Weight: 60 kg


  • Graduated from Oxford University with a BA Hons in Medicine

Career History:

  • 2011: Journalism intern at the Financial Times

  • 2012-2013: Staff writer at The New Statesman

  • 2013-2014: Politics journalist for The Telegraph Media Group

  • Previously worked for The Economist as the Britain Correspondent and Home Affairs Correspondent

  • 2016: Political correspondent for The Huffington Post

  • 2017-Present: Works as a freelance journalist

Net Worth:

  • Estimated to be $1 million

Early Life:

  • Originally from London, England

  • Ethnicity is Caucasian

  • Not much known about her parents or siblings

Personal Life:

  • Keeps her personal life very private

  • Relationship status, including whether she's married or dating someone, is unknown

Martha Gill is an accomplished British political journalist in her 30s who has risen in her career from an intern to working with top media outlets. She keeps her private life under wraps but is estimated to have a net worth around $1 million based on her journalism success.


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