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Mason warshaw accident | What happened to Mason warshaw canby OR?

On Monday night, an 18-year-old high school senior named Mason Warshaw was killed after being hit by a freight train in Canby, Oregon.

Mason warshaw canby OR was a student at Canby High School. The accident happened near the Clackamas County Fairgrounds as Mason was crossing the train tracks just north of the Pine Street intersection. The northbound freight train struck him, and he died at the scene.

The Canby Police Department confirmed the details of the fatal incident involving the high school senior.

Mason warshaw canby OR

What happened to Mason warshaw canby OR?

Aaron Downs, the superintendent of the Canby School District, sent a letter to the community informing them about Mason's death. In the letter, he expressed heartfelt condolences to Mason's family during this extremely difficult time.

Downs also offered condolences to the Canby High School students, staff, Mason's classmates, teachers and support staff who are grieving this tragic loss. The district is providing counselors and psychologists to support students.

The local newspaper, The Canby Current, paid tribute to Mason on Facebook, relaying the sad message from the superintendent and expressing thoughts and prayers for Mason's family and friends impacted by this devastating loss of the young student's life.

It's an unimaginable tragedy for the community to lose a high school senior in such a horrific accident involving a train collision. Counseling resources are being provided to help those mourning cope with this heartbreaking incident.


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