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Unveiling Michelle Drumb: A Member of East China School Community in New Baltimore, MI

Updated: Mar 13

Michelle Drumb was a teacher from New Baltimore, Michigan. Michelle drumb New Baltimore MI worked at Gearing Elementary School in the East China School District. Michelle studied at Western Michigan University and went to Lutheran High School North.

Sadly, Michelle passed away after being hit by a drunk driver. This was a tragic loss for her family, students, and the entire school community.

Michelle drumb New Baltimore MI

Who is Michelle drumb New Baltimore MI?

People paid tribute to Michelle on Facebook, expressing their sadness and offering prayers for her loved ones and students. Mary Campbell Freeman asked for prayers for those impacted, noting that animal support was provided to help the children cope with this heartbreaking situation.

Connie Poulin said a prayer, asking God to guide and comfort Michelle's family and students, and help them find solace in cherished memories. Libby Caudill Prill shared that Michelle had also taught at Belle River and St. Clair Middle School, and that the whole district was heartbroken over this tragic loss.

It was a devastating event that deeply affected Michelle's students, co-workers, family and community. They found strength in coming together to grieve and honor her life.


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