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Nathan Kerstetter Milesburg PA: Nathan kerstetter obituary Milesburg PA

Updated: Jan 25

In Nathan kerstetter obituary Milesburg PA legacy lives on. Explore his obituary, commemorating a life well-lived in Milesburg, PA. Discover the essence of Nathan's journey through a thoughtfully written tribute capturing the spirit of his time in Milesburg.

Nathan kerstetter obituary Milesburg PA

A horrific accident has claimed the life of 38-year-old Nathan Kerstetter of Milesburg, PA. Kerstetter was killed earlier this week when the garbage truck he was working on backed into a tree along North Main Street in nearby Port Matilda.

Nathan kerstetter obituary Milesburg PA

According to police reports, Kerstetter was riding on the back of a Newman Hill Inc. garbage truck while the driver attempted to back into a residential driveway off North Main around 12:30PM. Tragically, the overhanging tree branches along the driveway went unnoticed, striking Kerstetter in the head and causing fatal blunt force trauma that claimed his life instantly.

The Centre County Deputy Coroner J.D. Kubulak arrived promptly at the 200 block address to examine Kerstetter and officially declare his death at the scene. State police have ruled the incident an accident but continue to investigate along with coronaer’s office officials.

A native of Milesburg, Kerstetter was pronounced dead just miles from his hometown, leaving behind grieving family and friends blindsided by the devastating news. An autopsy concluded that blunt head trauma was the official cause of death.

By all accounts, Kerstetter was a beloved community member whose sudden loss has brought deep sorrow throughout the area. Friends describe him as hardworking, kind-hearted, and always willing to lend a hand whenever needed.

Just 38 years old, Kerstetter appeared to have a long, fulfilling life ahead filled with love and possibility. That makes this shocking tragedy all the more difficult to comprehend for those close to him.

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